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Investing 60 seconds in You

When we were all young our parents took us to a buffet.

They handed us our plate stating be sure to bring back vegetables and meat, balance it out kids.


If you brought back a plate full of mac & cheese and fried chicken they would wag their finger, “Go back and fix it.

Though Mac-cheese was tasty there was no healthy variety on our plates.

As it relates to investing, when I see new people in my office their statements only reflect 1 or 2 funds in the portfolio.

It lets me know that no one is teaching about risk and diversification.


Without going into detail there are 11 sectors in the market and over 9,000 funds. 

You do not need to them all.


Yet realize at different times some types of funds rise/flow with the business cycle and economic needs of the consumer.

Be open to understanding why.
It is in your best interest.

…Reach out if we can help.


I’m Robert Lee          Thanks for watching        


And remember, Relationships matter