Are you looking for a reliable financial company to receive assistance for your tax planning? Welcome to Fortitude Financial Group! We are a financial organization in Clearwater, Florida with over 25 years of experience in financial services. Our individualized services concentrate on your financial needs, aims, and priorities. Reach out to us today to discuss a customized tax planning strategy for you. 

How we assist you

Our team of professionals look forward to meeting you and working with you. Here is how Fortitude Financial Group can assist you: 

  • We are open to team up with people who look for advice and a sense of trust. We work with people from all walks of life – novice businessmen, entrepreneurs, professionals, educators, and families.
  • We assist all those people who need our services; there is no minimum investment amount.
  • Individuals who benefit the most from our services are people who face tax, financial, or investment problems and intend to start careful planning.
  • Building strong relationships are of the utmost importance for us. We examine each account’s monthly offering to make quarterly reviews with clients. Usually, we ask our clients to schedule a meeting from two to five times per year to keep on track with their goals. 
  • We do not guarantee investment performance. Nonetheless, we do our best to suggest investments that are low in risks and fit your tax bracket and long-standing aims.
  • And finally, the client information is kept confidential.

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Tax planning strategies

When planning a tax strategy, Fortitude Financial Group takes into account individual financial preferences and goals. Once you reach out, we will set up an initial meeting to discuss your financial priorities in detail and answer any questions you may have. You are free to collaborate with another financial company if you do not consider our group the best fit for you, so this meeting is not compulsory in any way. But know that you can take advantage of the resources we offer in our website regarding tax management. You can take a look at:

  • 2020 Tax Guide
  • Tax Articles
  • Tax Calculators
  • TTax Glossary
  • IRS Tax Forms & Publications

On top of that, you have access to various products and services we offer at Fortitude Financial Group:

  • Tax Planning,
  • Investment portfolio assessment,
  • Annuities,
  • College 529 savings scheme,
  • Financial guidance through hardships,
  • Investment and PRS pension investment plan opportunities,
  • 401 (k) rollovers from past employers,
  • Opening an IRA, Roth IRA, or SEP IRA,
  • Life insurance – securing family’s future,
  • Inheritance investment counseling,
  • 403 (b) account counseling and rollovers,
  • Purchase and sell agreements and key man life insurance,
  • DROP and Bencor rollover options,
  • And many more!

       When you control your money instead of letting it control you, you can live and enjoy life to the fullest. We assume that dividends and retained earnings act as protective features during down markets for a portfolio, offering reliability during economic instability. Fortitude Financial Group can help you make financial decisions that move you towards your objectives irrespective of your age and phase of life.

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Your Money, Your Path!

When you take control of your finances, rather than letting them control you, you can live life more fully. Regardless of your age or life stage, you can make financial decisions that move you toward your goals.


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