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It Boils Down To One Word: Yes

When I was young my father taught me the difference between a reason and an excuse. He said a reason is the truth about what outside situation caused you not to fulfill your duties. He shared an excuse is just a way not to finish the job.  My dad refused to accept excuses. 

Throughout our lives, we encounter people we can trust. People who give us no reason to doubt them. We know their word is their bond. 

We also cross paths with those who have chronicled a Rolodex of excuses for not reflecting exemplified character. Simply put they won’t get the job done.

We would classify them as untrustworthy.

Some people you can trust, others…no. 

In my profession we are guiding people to create their retirement plans, finance, investing, and insurance. 

For others they show a lack of progress.

It does boil down to one word. Yes.

“Yes, I will get that done for you.” 

Yes, you can trust that I will complete the job.

Yes, you are welcome to join us. 

Find the right advisor… I’m Robert Lee…

Thanks for watching… Relationships matter…