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Investing 60 seconds in You

Weighing the pros and cons
Do you ever just do something on impulse?


You were all set to buy something at the store or online.


You searched it out, found it and pulled the trigger to buy it?

Once you have it in hand you begin to consider the value of the item, it’s merit– the pros and cons.

Some of you have had the same experience when it comes to investing or life insurance.


You know what had to be done.


You looked, Liked and pulled the trigger.


Looking back maybe he/she seemed to be the right fit.


But now as you weigh the pros and cons you are rethinking your decision. No phone calls or rarely in the last year or two. 

No concrete advice or direction from them?


Poor fund performance?


No vision you both share for your retirement goals?


Now that you weighed the pros and cons, is it time to rethink your strategy?

Look for someone who puts you first and acts like it.


Just food for thought.


I’m Robert Lee, thanks for watching. And remember, Relationships matter