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Investing 60 seconds in You – Hard Work and Your Money

Look back at your first few jobs.

You learned the ropes on how to do your job.

You also learned about overtime. You saw others stay later than you so you inquired.

Time and a half sounded good in those days.
More money in your pocket.

You found the secret to investing.

Pay yourself first.

With your wages, what percentage went towards your future?
Just enough or barely any?

Did you spend it on pleasure or purpose, pain or gain?


Money—hard to come by—so easy to go out.


Who is working hard for you so your money works hard for your future?

Financial professionals are here to partner with you, guide you, caution you, and prepare you for up to 30 years of enjoying retirement.


Let us do the hard work so your money really works for you.

Whose money is it?  Yours!


I’m Robert Lee          Thanks for watching         And remember, Relationships matter