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Investing 60 seconds in You

If you have changed jobs several times, your old 401(k)s may have been left behind. So much is going on in your mind when you transition from an old job into a new career. Sometimes last on the list is that 401(k) statement left in the unopened envelope deep inside your desk drawer at home. You could be too nervous to look at it or saving it for a rainy day. 


My advice is gather your statements and take back control of them.


Remember whose money is it? Yours!


Seek out an advisor who can consolidate these old 401(k)s into an IRA. There you will find freedom with broader diversification as you build your portfolio with your advisor.


Now You will have Someone whose voice can guide you thru the markets as you journey together towards your retirement goals. Rolling your past 401(k)s into an IRA also protects you from the urge to cash them out. This saves you tax penalties and a potential higher tax bill overall.


Now you have maximum control over your money and an ally to build your wealth.


Now you have the final say


I’m Robert Lee… Thanks for watching… And remember, Relationships matter