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Investing 60 seconds in You

Marriage is a team building sport.

You and your spouse each enter the relationship with strengths and weaknesses.

Hopefully your spouse‘s strength‘s cover your weaknesses and vice versa.

Key is to have open conversations each day on topics relating to marriage.

Look at marriage as a union between two business partners.

Each has roles to play, decisions to make, and vision for their joint future

Agreeing on Money, Budgets and retirement are a foundational corner stone of a strong marriage.

Sometimes 1 spouse pays the bills while the other does the shopping.

Do you both get together on your investments, retirement goals and progress on a consistent basis?

Of the married people I meet monthly, only one spouse comes in for the meeting 60% of the time.

I gently ask where their spouse is and hear a variety of reasons why they chose not to attend.

My encouragement is to emphasize how important making these decisions are to your spouse.

Some tell me they’re just not interested or don’t care. 


My efforts are making clear to each couple where they stand financially when one spouse has passed away.

Please make sure you both are together on this so there are no surprises.

Get your spouse involved!

I’m Robert Lee, thanks for watching        


And remember, Relationships matter