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Investing 60 Seconds in You – Fortitude, What’s It All About Really

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Investing 60 seconds in You

Fortitude, What’s It All About Really

As I have had the privilege to meet individuals, couples, and business owners over the past 25 years, one main factor has revealed itself. Many times in our introductory meetings, people admit they are searching.
What’s for, you ask? 

People are seeking out advisers they can trust. You see it’s not about their suits, how modern their office looks, the fancy car they drive, what floor their office is on, or anything else superficial.

People have come to realize that advice is not just about returns– it’s about relationships. 

When you can look someone in the eyes and experience a level of comfort and peace then you may be working with a true professional.
All the earned designations of an industry do not transform a person into one with character and integrity. Once you have found he/she, you will know that relationship can stand the test of time.

So what’s it all about, really?

I’m Robert Lee… Thanks for watching…

And remember… Relationships matter