Fortitude Financial Group is built on outstanding service and profound business knowledge. With a particular focus on dividends and profits, we use a value strategy. Using local bond funds, mutual funds, and annuities, we accomplish this approach. Our focus is on firms with solid foundations and substantial dividends. We assume that dividends and interest income act as defensive features during down markets for a portfolio, offering reliability during economic instability. 

Our mission is to direct business owners, realtors, teachers, and families to make wise choices for their retirement life. Based on the current market conditions, we provide investment options designed to help facilitate productive output.

You can get insights into today’s economic environment with our help. Over 25 years of experience in financial services make us trusty to offer you services, such as:

  • Solid financial planning,
  • Tax planning,
  • DROP and Bencor rollover options,
  • Financial supervision through difficulties,
  • College 529 savings scheme,
  • Opening an IRA, Roth IRA, or SEP IRA,
  • Inheritance investment counseling,
  • Annuities,
  • Investment portfolio evaluation,
  • 403 (b) account counseling and rollovers,
  • 401 (k) rollovers from past employers,
  • Life insurance – securing the family’s future.

Wealth management 

The only thing that matters for us is relationships. Our customer relationships are lifelong. To interact with customers for quarterly reviews, we check each monthly account offering. The most intense work we do is usually in the first year. We ask customers to meet us 2-5 times a year in order to keep their priorities up to date.

We are willing to collaborate with people who are seeking sound guidance and a relationship of trust. We communicate and interact with a variety of just beginning entrepreneurs, practitioners, educators, families, and people.

We’ve got no minimum requirement for investments. We support all those in need of assistance. At Fortitude Financial Group, we are committed to recommending investments that are suitable for your risk profile, tax bracket, and long-term objectives. And of course, the client information will be kept confidential.

Here’s a brief insight into our company:

  • Professionals: The strategy of Fortitude Financial Group includes a variety of facilities to provide our customers with more advantages.
  • What We Provide: We advise our customers and take the uncertainty out of investments, insurance, conservation of estate, and wealth preservation. 
  • How We Function: We’ve helped many people like you achieve their financial goals with my 25 plus years in professional assistance.

The mission of fortitude financial group

If you’re planning to retire, consider the fact that you have only one opportunity to get your retirement properly. Get in touch with us for financial planning and more:  

  • Wealth Building and Development  
  • Wealth safety and preservation 
  • Planning the most tax-efficient way of wealth distribution across the lifespan 
  • Planning the allocation of wealth at death in the form of further tax benefits

We can make it together. Contact us today and don’t let finances overwhelm you!

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Your Money, Your Path!

When you take control of your finances, rather than letting them control you, you can live life more fully. Regardless of your age or life stage, you can make financial decisions that move you toward your goals.


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